Bearsus is a fighting game in which you play as a brawler bear competing against other bears in various venues. Fight with ease owing to the original, excruciatingly basic two-button control system! Visit for completely free and unblocked games.

We hope this will be an interesting game that you can save in your favorite game list to relax. Also, you have the opportunity to explore other similar fighting games like Street Fighter Online Game. Start your favorite journey now. You can win all the challenges today.


Move & Jump - A/D (or Left/Right arrow keys) Attack 1 - A, A (or Left, Left) Attack 2 - D, D (or Right, Right) Double Jump 1 - A, D (or Left, Right) Double Jump 2 - D, A (or Right, Left) Attack 3 - (While double-jumping) A (or Left).