Babie Panoz Fighter

Have fun with Babie Panoz Fighter at Friv 2020. In a thrilling clash beneath the city's bustling streets, Babie Panoz, a fearless warrior, finds herself locked in a life-or-death struggle against her arch-nemesis, Lizy. With every ounce of strength, she fights to survive in this treacherous urban arena. The echoing sounds of their ferocious combat reverberate through the dimly lit tunnels, as Babie's determination fuels her every move. The stakes are high, and the outcome will determine her very existence. Witness the heart-pounding duel as Babie Panoz, armed with unparalleled skills and unwavering spirit, confronts Lizy, ready to conquer and secure her well-deserved victory in this gripping fight for survival!


Key A/Tap/Click = Panoz Kick key D = Pause key W = Forward key S = Back.

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