Bullet Party

Welcome to bulletparty.io. You are in a huge battlefield against real enemies. You can choose; your combat style, strategy and gun You need minimum 100 over kill number to become the best killer under heavy enemy fire and air strikes with a big blitz. Having hard time? Call your brothers and summon them in the battlefield for impossible duty to become the leader. Show your combat skills to prove yourself in the warfare. Beware of the hidden assassins speed is never down don’t let your guard down!

Bullet Party is a realistic first-person shooting game friv. Lock and load and let's go. This is the all out shoot first and ask questions never type of first-person battle royale you have been waiting for your whole life. You'll be given the same thing as everyone else: a life, an automatic rifle, a sidearm, a machete, and some Molotov cocktails to spice things up. Realistic renderings and bullet physics are the bread and butter of this hyper-real first-person shooter. 

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W,A,S,D: Move forward, move left, move right, back-up. Mouse: Aim Reticule Left Mouse Button: Fire Weapon Right Mouse Button: Activate long-range scope Shift: Run Fast Space: Jump C: Crouch Scroll Wheel: Select Weapon. 1: Select AK-47 2: Select Glock 3: Select Machete 4: Select Molotov Cocktail