City Apocalypse 3D Of Zombie Crowd


Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse on Friv online? Avoid, look for, and eliminate undead zombies. Build your zombie clan and stay active, or these nasty zombies will contaminate you. TALE: Assume you are in World War Z, a fantastic group struggle against terrifying zombies who have taken over your city. You can only see a vast swarm of zombies crowding down roads and crashing around curves like a river through a broken dam. You can not help now unless you are a zombie maker. Build your clan, stick to it indefinitely, and fight and murder hundreds of zombies to save your life. It is up to you in these great zombie games to get rid of them with zombie attacks!

City Runner is a member of the Zombie Crowd. War is an arena full of meaningless zombies who want you. The purpose of the game is to assault as many people as possible and bravely fight the largest group battle. Get sucked into the crowd war with zombies battling ruthlessly. Seize the survivors with your hands, bite them with your teeth, and infect them. This is the only way to turn them into zombies.

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