Unblock Me Now

The most basic yet most thrilling unblock puzzle game on Friv games. Maintain a positive mood by challenging your intellect with fascinating unblock puzzles. With most of the logical puzzles made for everyone, this Unblock puzzle offers a lot of logic that will make you feel on top of your mind. One of the best IQ puzzles you'll ever play, with unique stages to open up your stuck thinking and intriguing variants. Not only to pass the time, but also to sharpen your logical abilities. Every puzzle consists of a board with a red block stuck in between the other wooden blocks; the goal is to use your logic and thinking skills to solve the slide puzzle and the block puzzle. Have fun on https://friv-2020.net/

Join your friends or join the game now to have a chance to test what your brain is at. What are you waiting for, join a few other similar game genres Size Box and Aqua Blocks


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