Skyforce Invaders

Have a great game in Friv4school 2020! In Skyforce Invaders, you'll be submerged in bombs, shells, and smoke while piloting military aircraft. Master your abilities and defeat the machine empire, our archenemy. Join the Skyforce squadron for intense battles in the top-down shooter arena! In this conflict, you will join our fleet with the objective of destroying the enemy's base and pursuing the ultimate bosses, who possess the most firepower and unique skills on each level. As very few players may approach them, very little information is provided; all we can provide you at this time are unidentified numbers, and you are our final chance for completing this assignment.

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Key Features:

Beautiful levels with missions that pull you in. Multiple extreme boss battles. Your shields, guns, missiles, lasers, mega-bombs, and magnets can all be improved. Buy new planes with new capabilities. There are many rewards that will help you progress in the game. It can be played by both newcomers and people who play shooters all the time. Start playing Skyforce Invaders now, plan your battles well, and improve your fighter to protect our home.


Press the left mouse button along with the mouse movement to move the ship. Click with the mouse on skills to use them.