Killer Brothers Shoot

Welcome to the Killer Brothers Shoot at friv 2020. Have you ever before witnessed an individual with such a bounding and bouncing gun? Each time you fire, you will bounce like a ball; you must exercise extreme caution. There is a creature that you must eliminate, so fix on and fire. Together with a companion, take turns slaying creatures and advance to the next level. You must eliminate the creatures. Anyone can eliminate their own demon.

Before embarking on their next voyage, the adventurers decided to eliminate the creatures so that they would no longer pose a threat. In Killer Brothers Shoot, you will assist your teammates. They are armed with firearms, and each can only shoot a specific color of target. Alex can eliminate the crimson creature, while Steve can eliminate the blue one. By tapping on the square containing the character's image. You direct the arrows to it, and upon clicking it, it will begin firing. However, the firearms of the characters are so powerful that when they are discharged, the recoil is so strong that the men are flung all over the location. Killer Brothers Shoot will not make it simple to strike targets. We also have a lot of similar games for you to explore like Furious Soldier 2. Choose one of them and relax if you have time.


*Click to shoot! or tap with your finger *Wherever you shoot, you move in the opposite direction. *move according to the tab of the gun *Click the switch button to switch players