Blumgi Ball Game

Come and join the this sports game in the Friv 2020 Online Games. Blumgi Ball is an entertaining sports game that blends the platform and puzzle genres. The objective is to just get the ball into the hoop, like in traditional basketball. Using a slingshot mechanism, you pull the indication in accordance with the force with which you want to throw the ball, and then you release the ball. However, there is a twist!

You have the ability to teleport immediately adjacent to your ball in Blumgi Ball. This provides up a vast array of opportunities for creating chain combinations and dunking in flair. Each successfully completed level rewards you with a number of points that may be used to unlock exciting new characters. You will enjoy exploring Blumgi Ball's colourful and inventive levels filled with surprises! In addition, you also need to spend some time exploring other favorite games updated at the website such as Tallman Dunk Rush.


Aim and shoot - Left mouse click, drag, and release.