Nuggetroyale .io is an Action game on You can play in your browser for free. is both an arcade and multiplayer IO game with 3D game art animation. There are little chicks trying to escape slaughter by means of staying at the platform. You are required to survive for as long as possible before becoming a tasty chicken nugget. Keep calm and jump from one platform to another, dodge deadly traps and be the last bird standing to win the!

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How to play

Be the best out of 80 chickens. balance on a metal plate and kick others into death. But be careful the plate transforms all the time and noone wants to lose. The meat grinder is always hungry and only one can survive. In the beginning you are a small chicken. Try to eat the corn on the corner of the metal plate to grow. If you fall of its not very dramatic you still can try flying back on the disk by pressing space repeatedly. Also be careful. In the end the floor will shrink and the game becomes insanely difficult.