Gun and Bottles

Pistol and Bottles on Friv-2020 is a game in which you fire bottles. What is the best way to play? To earn a high score, you must shoot the rotating bottles. In addition, the gun rotates on its axis. To collect 5 coins, try to strike three bottles in a row. Don't make contact with the red bottle. Collect coins to unlock one of the 12 firearms available. So go ahead and download and play the game.
Before you run out of ammo, shoot all of the bottles. Collect coins to buy new firearms that will improve your chances of achieving a high score. In this entertaining arcade shooting game, stay away from the red bottles. Wait patiently for the bottles to rotate into the ideal position for you to break them with your bullets. Have enjoy this game on

Don't forget to use the lights if you want to move easily. Share with your friends today so they also discover one of the most interesting and impressive games like Cube Defence Game


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