Electric man 2

Electric Man 2 is the sequel to this action game series that you can play here on friv com school. When you start the game, you get to customize your character like creating a name, choosing your color and choosing the skill level which includes Easy, Normal and Pro. After finishing a match, you’ll received a save code which can be used to reload your save file and play the game later when you’re suddenly busy with something and can’t continue playing.

Each round in this game at https://friv-2020.net/ includes 4 matches and in each match, you’ll face off against different opponents. The higher the round, the more enemies that are even more powerful will appear in each match. In each match, your character will have a health bar and if you run out of health then you lose. Beside the health bar is a battery symbol with 3 bars and every time you use a slow skill, you’ll use up 1 battery bar which afterwards will slowly recharge. Have fun!

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Use the arrow keys to control your character.

Use Q to activate slow punch.

Use W to activate slow kick.

Use E to activate slow grab.

Use A to punch.

Use S to kick.

Use D to grab.


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