Attack of the Robots

Visit Friv 2020 Online Games for completely free and unblocked games. Ant-Man and the WASP: Attack of the Robots is a great game if you've ever desired to go on a mission with Marvel heroes! Have you got what it takes to endure one of their arduous missions and vanquish the dangerous villains? Join Ant-Man and the Wasp in one of their thrilling confrontations against the forces of evil to find out! Yellowjacket has placed our beloved protagonist in a particularly difficult situation this time. He has seized control of the Pym Technologies laboratory and infected all the automata and security systems with a virus. Moreover, he has placed the location under complete security. How perilous! The latest new games we updated in the same list with this game like Stack Jump Master. You will save them on the list of favorite games and participate when there is free time.


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